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Coptrz Announces Launch of the “F00-1 LiPRA” Drone

Coptrz drone F00-1 LiPRA

Coptrz drone F00-1 LiPRA

The F00-1 LiPRA stands to be a landmark drone, set to redefine the impossible
It offers indefinite flight time, a first in aviation history

LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, UK, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coptrz, a trailblazer in commercial drone solutions, is excited to unveil its latest leap in drone technology – the F00-1 LiRPA. This cutting-edge marvel not only pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, but utterly demolishes them, setting a new gold standard for drone capabilities worldwide.

The F00-1 LiRPA boasts performance specifications so advanced, they’ve been speculated to bend the very fabric of reality. Among its standout features are:

• Unlimited Battery Life: Thanks to its quantum fusion reactor core, the F00-1 LiRPA can stay airborne indefinitely.

• Invisibility Mode: Stealth missions are now genuinely stealthy. With the flick of a switch, the F00-1 LiRPA becomes invisible to both the naked eye and radar, making it the perfect companion for those top-secret sunset shots.

• Interstellar Flight Capabilities: Designed for the modern explorer, the F00-1 LiRPA can breach the atmosphere, offering real-time HD streaming of the Earth from space. Whether it’s delivering pizza to the International Space Station or taking selfies with Mars in the background, the F00-1 LiRPA has you covered.

• Self-Aware AI: The F00-1 LiRPA is equipped with a self-aware AI that not only pilots the drone but can also engage in deep philosophical discussions about the nature of flight, the universe and everything. It’s not just a drone; it’s a flying companion.

Coptrz CEO, Paul Luen, stated, “With the F00-1 LiRPA, we’re not just looking ahead; we’re redefining the future. Our aim was to create a drone so advanced; it would make science fiction jealous. We believe we’ve not just achieved that goal; we’ve flown past it at light speed.”

The F00-1 LiRPA will be available for pre-order starting today, April 1st. For those looking to own a piece of the future, the F00-1 LiRPA represents not just a leap in drone technology but a giant leap for drone-kind.

Coptrz continues to lead the commercial drone industry helping organisations eliminate risk and waste with impartial drone solutions that transform operational efficiency to achieve excellence – better, faster, safer. From training the next generation of drone pilots to providing cutting-edge drone technology, Coptrz is dedicated to elevating industries across the globe.


Notes to the Editor


The world has changed forever and in the wake of CovID-19 all businesses must urgently embrace disruptive innovation or die. Drone technology is revolutionizing business operations at a pace never seen before, now’s the time to grasp the opportunity or get left behind.

The challenge in this ultra-fast sector is, how do organizations select the right drone solution for task and how can they extract maximum lifetime value from the investment? It’s not quite as easy buying a drone online and getting flying.

Coptrz are fanatical about revolutionising organisations using drones by specifying only the best ‘impartial 360o drone solutions’ to increase productivity, improve safety whilst slashing costs. Global Innovators, Coptrz founders are globally renowned for disruptive innovation over 20 years, generating revenues >£150million in ~100 countries.

With unique dedicated sector experts, we consult deeply with customers to understand their needs then develop a truly transformational ‘impartial 360o drone solution’ covering all aspects of planning, flying, & data acquisition/analysis.

Customers also benefit from the biggest range of professional drone training courses in the world, including uniquely certified OFQUAL 4 & 5 qualifications – Coptrz have trained & certified more drone pilots than anyone else.

Our training extends to entrepreneurship in growing a drone enterprise – our founders are both Amazon #1 bestselling authors in entrepreneurship having started, scaled and sold successful businesses for £8-figures. With Coptrz, customers get a lifelong partner who’s totally impartial to help them keep pace with technology evolution globally so they can maximise the transformational benefits a Coptrz drone strategy will deliver

Our unique proposition makes us the resounding market leader and it’s why we’re trusted to deliver ‘impartial 360o drone solutions’ to >2000 customers including major organisations like: BMW; Bombardier; Costain; EDF; MoD; Pfizer; 30+ Universities; 40+ Police Forces & Fire Service

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