Brand New Training Tool Released from AdteXo Athletics in Partnership with NBA Performance Coach Mike Atkinson

NEW YORK, USA, February 2, 2021 / — The Ball Attachment is a novel functional training tool which is being implemented by world-class coaches and athletes in the NBA and other major professional leagues all around the world.

Through a deliberate partnership with Mike Atkinson of Black Ops Basketball and others who are most prominent in NBA and WNBA Player Development and Performance in New York City, NY, the integration of the Ball Attachment into NBA training has been made a viable prospect.

Ever since the Ball Attachment has been made available, numerous NMB and WNBA players, and celebrities, have been seen training with the Ball Attachment on social media platforms. There have also been major college and professional teams who have made use of the new product. This is in addition to countless international sales which complement the many domestic ones. With a retail price of $69.99, the affordability of the product has contributed immensely to its overall success.

According to Mike Atkinson, co-founder of AdteXo Athletics and NBA performance coach, “Having the ability to add intent and sport specific training along with fundamental strength and conditioning, the Ball Attachment is a tool I use daily when working with my NBA clients as well as youth development programing. The options really are limitless for Player Development and Athletic Development.”

The Ball Attachment has been manufactured with the purpose of fitting a men’s regulation basketball and connecting to numerous forms of resistance including cables, pulleys, and bands. It has been developed in order to better various areas of athletic development including:

*Sport Specific Movements
*Grip Strength
*Core Training
*Rotational and Multi Plane Movements
*Strength and Conditioning
*Power and Dynamic Resistance Capabilities
*Player Development and Sports Performance Training
*Youth Development Tool

The product has been designed to “harness the power of sport” and offers three dimensional support so that everyone can feel the difference. Furthermore, the Ball Attachment is portable so that it can be used at any time and at any place. The product is versatile and functional, and suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

The company was founded by Rob Conatser ATC/Strength Coach of AdteXo Athletics, and Mike Atkinson NBA/WNBA Performance Coach of Black Ops Basketball. With years of experience between them, they offer unique perspectives on what is required to help athletes succeed. Through an immersion of their own experiences, they were able to create a product that is required by the industry and can be used to improve the skills of individual players, but also teams as a whole.

Rob Conatser, also owner-director of Sierra Strength & Speed, has 20 years experience as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. His experience speaks well to the usefulness and safety of the ball attachment in keeping athletes physically healthy and preventing any unnecessary injury. He has also worked with professional teams.

Mike Atkinson is renowned for his sport specific fundamental training style and his list of well-known NBA clients. He is the International COO and Performance Director for BlackOps Basketball where he manages the performance needs of his elite clients every off season.

For eight years, he has also been Head Strength Coach for numerous NBA Developmental teams and countries. His experience, however, is not only limited to US soil and he has consulted in China where he was the trainer for many Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) celebrities and national team players. He has also been a subject on ESPN, and has served as a professional voice to the Wall St Journal, Stack, and Dime Magazine.

Manufactured in the USA with durable material and a 100% factory guarantee, the Ball Attachment is currently US patent pending. The company supports Youth Sports and believes in giving back to non-profit youth programs through the provision of training tools. The company hopes to continue providing their support and expanding their efforts as 2021 progresses.

For more information, visit the company website, the official Instagram page, or have a look at Mike Atkinson’s personal Instagram page.

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