An American Book Series Fourteen Years In The Making

From 1600s Manhattan all trails travel North through the Centuries in this riveting American Book Series.

AVERILL PARK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2020 / — New York historical novelist Gloria Waldron Hukle has just released the final volume of her well researched American Waldron Book Series. Beneath the Elms was just published in August 2020. Set in Elm Hill, a small town nestled within the Adirondack mountains of New York, Hukle’s fifth historical novel transports the reader back to rural America during the years leading up to the Civil War. Dan Waldron along with his family and neighbors resist sobering changes turning their lives upside-down. More about this author at

Gloria Waldron Hukle’s American book series began in 2006 with the publication of Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, the story of the New York Waldron family who immigrated from Holland in the mid-1600s, settling on the corner of present-day Wall Street and Broadway, and a decade later at Harlem. Upon arrival in the Dutch colony that would later become known as New York, Resolved Waldron works as a sheriff for the Director General Peter Stuyvesant, facing down Indian attacks, issues of slavery, and the controversial arrest of English merchant John Bowne because of Bowne’s wife preaching Quakerism and his refusal to pay Stuyvesant’s fine. From the earliest time of settlement, when the Dutch and not the English ruled New York, Manhattan was point of entry for hundreds of families and today thousands of descendants are living all over the US and beyond.

Sandwiched between Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple and Beneath the Elms are Hukle’s three other books. Threads an American Tapestry, the story of an early 18th century woman who is a blend of a Native American mother and Dutch father. Margaret Vandenberg’s inherited wealth doesn’t shield her from cruel prejudice. The Diary of a Northern Moon, a more contemporary work, follows a young woman during the 1970s as she seeks the truth about her dead father after receiving an anonymous package in the mail. Later while visiting her father’s home town she discovers another clue: a rare, two handled silver caudle cup connecting to old Manhattan. Souls of the Soil, published 2017, is driven by an actual eighteenth-century murder of a wealthy farmer in Upstate New York, the relationships between fathers and sons, and curiosity about family DNA.

In Beneath the Elms as with all her works, author Gloria Waldron Hukle brings together documented historical facts, as well as family lore, to create human personalities, frailties, and triumphs that she feels the people living during those times might have possessed and encountered. In this way, Hukle hopes readers will have a better, more personal connection with the determined Americans of the past as they lived through pivotal historical times.

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