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Amidst National Turmoil, Verónica Abad Discusses Her Commitment to Ecuador’s Future from the International Stage

Veronica Abad Ecuador

Veronica Abad Ecuador

In an interview from Israel, Vice President Verónica Abad addresses Ecuador’s challenges and speaks out against political persecution.

This assignment was not just about keeping me away from domestic politics but also about sidelining me from the governance process entirely”

— Veronica Abad

LA CALIFORNIA, SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA, March 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a recent and exclusive interview with Central Noticias, Vice President of Ecuador, Verónica Abad, shared her perspectives and reaffirmed her dedication to Ecuador’s future amidst the ongoing political and social challenges facing the country. Speaking from Israel, where she currently serves as an envoy, Abad’s comments come at a critical juncture for Ecuador, grappling with high crime rates, political instability, and international concerns.

Abad, a figure known for her robust stance on various social and political issues, articulated her frustrations and challenges in fulfilling her role due to the current domestic situation. Despite the distance, her commitment to Ecuador remains unwavering. “It’s anguishing being away, knowing I’ve prepared my whole life to offer a clear proposal to Ecuadorians,” Abad expressed, highlighting her long-standing political career and the vision she harbors for the nation.

Addressing the recent arrest of her son, which has sparked controversy and concern, Abad emphasized her position as a mother and a politician. “I am first a mother before being the Vice President,” she stated. Vice President Abad addressed legal matters concerning her son, framing the situation within the context of her broader concerns about political challenges and her dynamic with President Daniel Noboa.

In the interview, Vice President Abad also commented on the administration’s governance strategies and her diplomatic assignment to Israel.

Despite the adversity, Vice President Abad remains focused on advocating for justice, transparency, and democratic values. She calls for unity and a reevaluation of the political landscape, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and collaboration in overcoming the nation’s crises. “The truth will come out, and I stand ready to defend not only my integrity but also the democratic principles that Ecuador stands for,” she affirmed.

Verónica Abad’s interview with Central Noticias sheds light on the intricate dynamics of Ecuador’s political sphere, her personal tribulations, and her undiminished resolve to contribute positively to the country’s future. As Ecuador navigates these turbulent times, Abad’s voice offers a poignant reminder of the complexities and the potential paths forward for the nation.

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