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AI Technology Workshop to Deliver The Essence of AI Skills and Solutions for Digital Wellness

AI Fluent  & ScreenTime Clinic April 11, 2024 Event

AI Fluent & ScreenTime Clinic April 11, 2024 Event



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Two-part TechEd Event: Mastering AI & Digital Decluttering offered by Cheryl K. Goodman (Find Good. Tech®) and Nicole Rawson (ScreenTimeClinic®)

There’s a significant gap in AI skills in the workforce- only 13% of global respondents have had training, despite a 2000% increase in job posts referencing generative AI skills 3/2023.”

— Cheryl K. Goodman

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the workforce and digital consumption is at an all-time high, two seasoned executives are set to lead a one-of-a-kind course on AI and digital wellness. The exclusive event, a collaboration between FindGood.Tech and Screen Time Clinic®, aims to equip leaders with a power seminar of the latest research, tools, and best practices to become AI- fluent while helping balance digital media consumption. Register at https://lu.ma/thrivewithtech

Cheryl K. Goodman, CEO of Find Good . Tech®, and author of “How to Win Friends & Influence Robots” will guide attendees through the intricacies of the AI economy, offering unique insights and strategies to harness AI for personal and professional growth. Goodman, who also writes about technology for Forbes will also uncover how these systems work and why its important to understand the basics. Her recent article uncovers the overuse of language that obscures learning AI principals and how this can further impact the adoption of AI for all.

According to the World Economic Forum (1/2024), studies have highlighted a significant gap in AI training within the workforce, with only 13% of global respondents receiving training in the past year, despite a 2000% increase in job posts referencing generative AI skills since March 2023. This event addresses the urgent need for AI fluency, particularly for those who are overwhelmed by the exponential growth of AI options for their businesses and home.

Nicole Rawson, founder of Screen Time Clinic® will help participants understand the evolving research relating to the impact of screens on productivity, mental health and overall wellness plus proven methods to flourish as individuals, families, and productive teams. Together they will paint the picture of a balanced and efficient digital life.

As more reports are being released about youth online protections and the importance of “controlling tech before it controls you” (Forbes 1/5/23), it is highly beneficial for adults to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of how time online impacts a myriad of areas impacting our work, humanity, and real world connections.

Event Details:
Set against the vibrant backdrop of San Diego, the TechEd event is tailored for professionals with a keen interest in leveraging AI efficiencies in a effective and balanced way. Attendees will engage in an interactive, fun-filled session that aims to deliver a more balanced and efficient approach to technology.

Who is this for: Leaders Seeking Executive Summary on AI & Digital Wellness
When: April 11, 2024 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Where: Bio Labs Building, 1st Floor at California English, San Diego, CA
Register at: https://lu.ma/thrivewithtech
Digital course also offered.

The event will be complemented by an array of wine and appetizers. Following the seminar participants are invited to a no-host bar at California English (on-site) to network with fellow professionals and connect personally with Cheryl and Nicole.

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About FindGood.tech
FindGood.tech facilitates enterprise training by curating the best AI tools and designing custom workflows for clients looking to fast-track employees. We develop bespoke policies for organizations based on their AI usage and overarching objectives. We act as an external AI evangelist with a focus on driving employee efficiency and empowerment with basic and advanced training in a fun and interactive way. We work with companies seeking to integrate trainings as part of their CSR / PR and employee-engagement programming. FindGood.tech is commitment to the growth and dynamism of the technology ecosystem beyond legacy monoculture silos. Founder of Findgood.tech, Cheryl K. Goodman is a former technology executive and journalist with a career spanning several leading companies such as CBS, MP3com, Athena, Qualcomm and Sony Global. Her expertise in technology culture and disruption has made her a sought-after speaker and AI trainer. She is the author of “How to Win Friends and Influence Robots: AI for non-technical Brilliant Minds” and writes for Forbes, FreshBrewed Tech and StartUp San Diego Tech Report. Currently, Cheryl serves as the Vice Chair of StartUp San Diego, where she has been instrumental in producing AI focused technology programming since 2022. For more information about the book, workshops or speaking engagements visit https://www.findgood.tech

About Screen Time Clinic®
Screen Time Clinic® was founded to empower parents and professionals around the world to rethink their relationship with tech to address the rapidly growing mental health crisis due to the unchecked advances in AI spawning increasingly addictive and toxic online content. We train and certify passionate individuals to become STC Digital Wellness Educators, serving as screen time experts in their community. We believe learning new healthy digital routines should be approached from a point of leadership within every community with our guidance. We assist in helping schools & youth groups educate families, facilitate screen detox intervention programs, and lead businesses to maximize employee potential with balanced technology practices. Our international network of educators are dedicated to providing accurate information, with funding NEVER coming from Big Tech, to deliver unbiased best practices.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to reshape your relationship with technology and step into a future where you control AI. Join us in San Diego for an experience that will leave you AI-fluent and digitally decluttered. Register at: https://lu.ma/thrivewithtech

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