Affordable Chic Sees An Increase In Fashion Sales During a Challenged Economy

Marialuisa Garito – CEO of Affordable Chic

Affordable Chic has had immense success in curating chic clothing at affordable costs for women during a challenging economic climate.

NEW YORK, USA, January 28, 2021 / — For most people, high-end clothing brands during challenging economic times is not a priority. The pandemic has impacted many fashion-focused businesses, especially the traditional brick-and-mortar shops. Affordable Chic manages to maintain its sales even when many fashion brands are struggling to keep their doors open. What makes Affordable Chic so different is simply it’s focus on providing busy women with high-quality clothing at affordable prices all below $100.

Affordable Chic is a New York based company, founded by CEO Marialuisa Garito, for busy women who want to be both elegant and economical. Garito explains that, “The Affordable Chic woman wants to be stylish and she recognizes good quality, but she is confident enough that she does not need to wear luxury brands. She prefers to put her hard-earned money toward different priorities, such as education, traveling, and family obligations.”

Curating Chic Clothing

Affordable Chic sources clothing under $100 from under-the-radar retailers, which gives the company an edge over many other competitors on the market. The company only uses retailers who meet their standards for quality clothing. Garito explains, “The hand curating process the Affordable Chic team goes through is literally ‘hands on’ in order to ensure our clothing is high-quality.” Garito describes the process as “touching what the material of our clothing feels like to ensure quality and comfort for our customers.” Garito also explains that the team “inspects each style to check the fit and to ensure there are no visible or non-visible defects when wearing it.” When the clothing is tested, the team gives an “Affordable Chic Rating” to each item and these ratings are available on Affordable Chic’s website. Garito notes, “Our Affordable Chic Ratings are based on our team’s honest feedback for every item because, as women ourselves, we would want to have that same insight before buying clothing.”

Affordable Chic also offers a Personal Styling Service, which Garito says, “has enabled many women to discover their chic side.” Garito explains, “We have found that our very personal approach to completing each Affordable Chic order has yielded satisfied customers and, more importantly, returning customers even during the challenging times of the pandemic.”

Due to the company’s location in a highly competitive urban environment like New York where big name clothing brands are readily available, Affordable Chic avidly supports other start-up companies in New York. Affordable Chic’s initiatives involve working with small New York based vendors and designers to bolster their growth during the pandemic.

Garito recognizes that, “the pandemic accelerated awareness of the online fashion market and expanded it to a bigger and more diverse audience.” Garito adds, “with more people staying home and working remotely, the way people are shopping has shifted, which has given Affordable Chic an opportunity to capitalize on its brand.”


Affordable Chic is a New York based company owned by women and made for women that curates high-quality clothing all for under $100. The Company’s personalized online ordering process enables busy women to feel chic with stylish clothing delivered right to their home.

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