A new tour company offering group-trips to the most incredible destinations on earth

An affordable option to travel the world

FREEVILLE, NY , UNITED STATES, February 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — True North Trips today announced the official launch of their tour company that offers small group tours to places such as Thailand and Bali.

“It’s embedded in our DNA to see that which is beyond the horizon. The journey is not just about what our eyes encounter, but—just as important—the things our hearts discover. On a traditional compass, there is Magnetic North and True North, which are two different directions. To us, Magnetic North represents life’s constant pull that keeps a person pinned to one location. Going True North means activating the explorer within.” – Chris Stevens, founder of True North Trips

On all trips (currently offering tours to Bali and Thailand), guests will receive accommodations, land and sea transportation, daily activities such as snorkeling and horseback riding, professional photos, and a welcome dinner and daily breakfast.

As a gift to our readers, use the code “100OFF” at checkout to receive $100 off any of our tour packages.

True North Trips is a company that specializes in small, escorted tour packages for the every day American. The founder and employees of True North Trips are experienced travelers and travel professionals who are knowledgeable, capable, and passionate about the services True North Trips offers.

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True North Trips
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