5AM Global Appoints Caner Evirgen as MENA Region Ambassador

USA & MENA Region led by 5AM Global

USA & MENA Region led by 5AM Global

Caner Evirgen, MENA Region Ambassador for 5AM Global

Caner Evirgen, MENA Region Ambassador for 5AM Global

5AM Global

Full-Service Marketing & Business Management Firm

It is with a great honor that I accept this position. MENA is an important region and an emerging market..”

— Mr. Caner Evirgen

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, February 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 5AM Global announced Mr. Caner Evirgen as its new MENA Region Ambassador. Mr. Evirgen will perform his strategic consultancy duties to countries located in and near the MENA Region, which includes a focus for business development in the nations of the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The newly appointed executive will serve to bridge the gap in numerous marketing and business development negotiations between 5AM Global and ambitious companies across the MENA Region through 2021 and beyond. Mr. Evirgen has reached a standard of accountability and integrity that the leadership at 5AM Global found compelling, and the 5AM Global leadership team expressed confidence that Mr. Evirgen will provide invaluable expertise as 5AM Global continues to expand internationally.

“It is with a great honor that I accept this position. MENA is an important region and an emerging market. It also offers extensive opportunities. My aim is to not only serve as a negotiator and representative to 5AM Global but also as an international executive to create business opportunities for companies that are looking to expand overseas operations.“
– Mr. Caner Evirgen

5AM Global has continued its approach in providing the tools, reach and engagement necessary for companies from around the world to enter the US Market. Its main focus has included numerous and interconnecting channels and practices such as:

– Marketing Strategies
– Branding
– Public Relations
– Event Production
– Strategic Partnerships
– Tour and Experience Development
– Media Consulting

The priority of 5AM Global in conducting business with MENA Region companies has been creating a reliable method in increasing travel and tourism between the US and the MENA Region and nearby areas; namely: The UAE, Qatar, Israel, Morocco, and parts of Europe.

Founder & CEO Shawn Willis expressed enthusiasm that 5AM Global will be able to serve as a launching point for international business and outreach between the US and MENA Region, and she announced her confidence in Mr. Evirgen’s ability to perform his position’s duties with efficiency and prestige.

Mr. Evirgen has accumulated extensive data/ statistics pertaining to several industries, particularly automotive, defense and aerospace companies. He is also managing as well as light-weighting strategies of International and Domestic collaborations for airlines in addition to his newly appointed ambassador position at 5AM Global.


Information about 5AM Global:
5AM Global is a strategic marketing and business management firm, committed to accelerating the exponential revenue generation of companies and brands. We deliver innovative operational solutions, and the most effective and impactful growth strategies and execution, including branding, PR, and event production strategies and execution. Known as the “legend-maker” 5AM Global creates valuable and unique vehicles for their clients to gain recognition as their industry’s top choice.

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